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“I just wanted to take a moment to note outstanding service. I was impressed by the design of the ARC light and its specifications. The light itself exceeded my expectation. Its the light I have been searching for. A wonderful compact reliable product However the personal service that backs up this great light exceeded my wildest expectations. You are destined for success. Kudos to Arc Flashlight for "out shining" the competition.”
Thomas N., Fair Lawn, NJ

“Thanks Peter Gransee and staff for a great little light”

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Arc6 LED Flashlight

Please note: The Arc6 has been discontinued. This page will be kept for ordering Arc6 accessories.

Purpose: The Arc6 is designed to meet the qualifications of the "Every Day Carry" class. To meet these goals, the light must:

  • Be small enough to be carried with minimum effort and thought on a daily basis. That way, it is more likely to be with you during an emergency.
  • Have sufficient runtime to last akne salbe onfy the length of typical emergencies with an additional amount added because we can assume the battery is not always fresh when you leave the house.
  • Bright enough for most tasks
  • Be durable enough that it can be depended on over a wide type of emergencies including floods, fire, earthquake, etc. It should be at least as durable as the person carrying it.


  • Minimum output on highest level: 100 lumens with non-rechargeable, 120 lumens with rechargeable. Tested in NIST traceable Integrating Sphere
  • Hand Calibrated brightness (unique settings stored in each unit's flash memory)
  • SSC P4 White LED for long lasting light, no bulbs to replace or break
  • Uses 1 CR123 type cell for high power density and long life. Can also use Rechargeables. Battery range of 1.7-4.5volts
  • Internal DC/DC current regulator chip produces a more consistent light output over the life of the battery
  • Waterproof to 100 feet
  • Temperature sensor allows higher power levels without danger of overheating the LED
  • Smooth beam: Orange Peel reflector
  • Low battery indication, automatically drops to lower level when cell is depleted
  • Type III Hard Anodized 6061 Aluminum is more durable than other pocket flashlights
  • Quick access to different levels: 2 stage push/twist switch
  • Settings menu provide a total of 7 light levels from a low of less than 1 lumen to max, plus blinding strobe
  • 2.940 inches long by 0.950 inches in diameter
  • Weighs 2.2 ounces (with battery and NG sleeve)
  • Improved drop resistance: Crenulated Ti-6AL-4V (Titanium) bezel
  • Removable carry clip made of Titanium
  • Slot in tail for optional user installed Tritium (H3) vial for locating flashlight in dark
  • Window stronger than glass: AR coated Sapphire window
  • Designed to be easier to service or upgrade: bezel is removable without tools to access window, reflector, upgrade LED, etc
  • Made in the USA
  • Duracell CR123 cell included
  • Available in two models, guarded sleeve with clip or no-guard sleeve (smaller and lighter).
Please note: there are normal variations in the coloration of white LEDs and "clear" type III hard anodize.

Arc6 w/Guarded Sleeve
Complete Flashlight with white P4 LED
Sale: $200 - [Out of Stock!]
Arc6 w/NG Sleeve
Complete Flashlight with white P4 LED
Sale: $200 - [Out of Stock!]

Powerizer Rechargeable 123 kit.
Includes dual-bay charger with worldwide 100-240vac switching power supply and 12vdc adapters and 4, 650mAh 3.6v working voltage (4.2v peak) R123 Lithium Ion unprotected cells. Battery Data Sheet (.doc). Charger Data Sheet (pdf). Ideal for use in the Arc6 but not for use in regular 123 flashlights because of higher voltage! $28.95
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Extra Guarded Sleeve
Does not include Arc6 flashlight. Buy this sleeve if you have an Arc6 flashlight with the NG Sleeve and you want to also use the Guarded Sleeve. Features Titanium clip with lanyard attachment point. Sale: $39.95
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Extra NG Sleeve.
Does not include Arc6 flashlight. Buy this sleeve if you have an Arc6 flashlight with the Guarded Sleeve and you want to also use the No Guarded (NG) Sleeve. Advantages are lighter weight, slimmer design, tail button a little easier to use. Does not have clip. Sale: $39.95
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UCL® window
Although not as strong as the stock Sapphire window, the UCL® is more transparent and can improve the brightness of the Arc6 by about 3-5%. $4.25
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Note: All of our white lights are measured in lumens, which provide a better indication of total output than candlepower(cp). For comparison, a typical 1xAAA bulb (incandescent) flashlight produces 2.5lumens and a typical 2xAA incan is 9 lumens. We measure the actual output of the flashlight and use a significant number of samples instead of inflating the numbers by measuring the bare LED, a "cherry-picked" unit or estimating the theorectical output like some mfgs. This combined with our selection of premium LEDs causes our lights to typically outperform competitors with higher output claims.

More information on the Arc6:

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