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“This is one tough flashlight”
Dana A., Alabama

“The light itself is a great product and makes for the ultimate key chain light. Peter Gransee epitomizes the word Customer service. He answered all of my emails promptly and honestly. His constant posts and monitoring of feedback on the Candle Power Forums BB is something all manufactures big and small should learn from. Great first product and continued Good Luck to them!”
Peter N., Hollywood, FL

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The first Arc flashlight, the Arc-AAA, was design by Peter Gransee back in 2001. The first production run of 100 units was made on his kitchen table with the help of his friends. Over the years the company has grown and Peter has added the Arc-AA, the Arc-LS, the Arc4, the Arc5, Arc6 and With each product, Peter has focused on producing flashlights that are small enough to be with you when you need them the most, reliable enough to be trusted in almost any situation and bright enough to get almost any job done safely.

From Wikipedia:

�Arc has historical significance since several innovative models were the inspiration for flashlights later produced by other companies. These products included the first LED flashlight powered by a single AAA battery, the first temperature-compensated LED flashlight, and the first microprocessor controlled Luxeon Star flashlight. Possibly the most significant innovation was the first flashlight using the high power Luxeon Star LED, the Arc LS�the first solid-state LED flashlight to produce output comparable to incandescent bulb designs. The name "Arc" came from intense white light some LEDs produce, looking similar to the color of an electric arc welder.�

In addition to the Arc product line, Peter has also consulted with other flashlight brands.

"In 2009, I decided to gradually transition out of the flashlight business. I still love flashlights Onfy wick medinight kaufen but I have been wanting to try other things too. The flow of ideas for flashlights started to dry up and I was spending more and more time thinking about other new industries and opportunities. I consider myself very blessed that I was able to "ride the wave" when white LEDs first became available. I am now looking for other such waves. Revolutions in other industries. As of 2015 I have been working on a new company making software (not ready to announce yet). My good friends at CIS will continue to make Arc flashlights. They are good people. I help out from time to time as they need but I have really handed it all over to them so I can focus on new creative pursuits. Thank you everyone for your infectious enthusiasm and support! - Peter"

Our Mission

Our mission is to make lights that matter. This means focusing on designs that are more likely to help you when you need them the most. This includes using common cells when possible, small size, high light density, high reliability, easy to use, etc while minimizing extraneous frills and useless cosmetic flourishes.

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