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“It puts out an amazing amount of light for such a small thing”
Eric Platt

“it�s tough as nails”
Francis Tapon, record setting hiker

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Testimonials From Owners of Arc Flashlights

Arc and Hurricane Sandy.

Me and my wife have the Arc AAA. We live in NYC and the Arc was excellent in helping us walk down 12 flights of stairs and cross streets where there were no traffic lights. Cars could see us from blocks away.

I used the clip and attached it to my baseball hat press. Many people commented on it I and told them about the Arc AAA.

All the DD batteries were sold out but since the Arc only needed AAA we were well stocked. I used it for about an 30 minutes a day for 5 days, still going strong.

I am ordering 2 Arc AAAs for gifts and 2 Arc AAA premiums.

James HF Lee

Downtown Manhattan, NYC


In 2007, Francis Tapon became the first person in history to yo-yo the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). You can view details of his trip here.

"I used the Arc-AAA during my 6,000 mile round trip hike on the Continental Divide Trail. In the fall I would hiked several hours every night with the Arc-AAA. I brought it because no other light offers the same amount of antischnarchspray apotheke light given the light weight and using a common AAA battery! And it's tough as nails. I dropped it many times, did tasks while it was in my mouth, and took it through rainstorms. It never failed. As the battery weakens, the unique Arc Flashlight technology kicks in to give many extra hours of light. This is helpful because it gives you ample warning that the battery is running low. On your next backpacking trip, bring an Arc Flashlight!"

Francis Tapon


“Hi, I received the Arc Flashlight (Premium White LED). Thanks for the fast shipping - came just in time for a 4am trek to the far garage in a rainstorm and finding the light in the pitch black darkness. It puts out an amazing amount of light for such a small thing. It also solved the problem I had with theGerber Infinity Ultra Task light: I kept it attached to my cell phone case, and the Gerber light kept falling off (greater weight, weaker clip) until I finally lost it. Well I'm glad I lost it because now I have a better flashlight!

Eric Platt


“Hi Peter, I bought an Arc-AAA back on August 14, 2001 from Bright Guy. I loved it! Then I took it caving on August 24, 2002 and lost it somewhere in the cave. We searched for a while but it was gone. I was completely bummed.

Yesterday, Sept 9, 2007, we returned to Lonesome Pine Cave, TN and found the light in the stream, underwater, about a mile from the entrance. We were on our way out, walking down the stream, I spotted something shiny in the water. I did a double take realizing that it was my long-lost Arc-AAA. I couldn't believe it. I scooped it up and looked it over. It was in pretty good shape. I tried to turn it on. Of course, the battery was dead after five years. I popped in a new battery and it fired right up. Amazing! This thing was rolling around this stream long enough to wear the black finish off and it still works.

This stream sees a lot of water during wet weather, so I imagine that it has been on quite a ride. When I lost it, I had the light and whistle on a lanyard around my neck. I found the broken lanyard hanging out of my pant leg and the light and whistle were gone. What a miracle to get it back. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful light. Oh, I did replace the light a while back with an Arc-P, which I love.

Here's some pics from in the cave when I found the light: (

I plan to make a post to CPF and about this, but wanted to tell you about it first.

Thanks again."

Scott McCrea
Asheville, NC


“the Arc-AAA is one h--- of a pocket light, the quality of construction is wonderful and for its size, the amount of light it generates is simply amazing. I bought both the ARC-AAA Premium (for every day carry) and the ARC-AAA Camo (for collection). I am over joyed with both.
Rajat Hooja
Jaipur, India

“I got it today and it's even more amazing than my old one, thanks!”
Jonathan Powell, New York, NY

“This is one incredibly well made and efficient light.”
Tom Harris, Nashville, TN.

“I just wanted to take a moment to note outstanding service. I was impressed by the design of the ARC light and its specifications. The light itself exceeded my expectation. Its the light I have been searching for. A wonderful compact reliable product. However the personal service that backs up this great light exceeded my wildest expectations. You are destined for success. Kudos to Arc Flashlight for "out shining" the competition.”
Thomas N., Fair Lawn, NJ

“This is one tough flashlight”
Dana A., Alabama

“Thanks Peter Gransee and staff for a great little light”

“The light itself is a great product and makes for the ultimate key chain light. Peter Gransee epitomizes the word Customer service. He answered all of my emails promptly and honestly. His constant posts and monitoring of feedback on the Candle Power Forums BB is something all manufactures big and small should learn from. Great first product and continued Good Luck to them!”
Peter N., Hollywood, FL

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